If you are selling your home, you can influence a buyer’s decision to choose your home by a few simple tricks. Clean up your front yard/porch. A buyer’s first impression is the front yard of your house as it is the first thing he/she will see. 

Clean up any lingering garbage, trim the lawn and any necessary shrubs to make your yard more appealing. Make sure the front porch is pleasing by fixing any chipped stones or paint on the porch. Also, having a spotless front door will make the buyer feel welcomed. 

Make sure the inside of the house is tidy. Clean storage areas, closets and cabinets to show the buyer that there is plenty storage room. This is important to have in any home. Also, clean dirty carpets, scrub down tile flooring to make the house look fresh. Possibly apply neutral colour of fresh coat paint throughout the home, as colours you may find appealing may scare buyers off. 

There are some things you can do that require little effort to make your home more attractive to buyers. Illuminate your home. Open shades and drapes and turn on all of your lights. Dark rooms are not appealing. Avoid the potential buyer as much as possible. Also, keep pets away from the possible buyer. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature and maybe play some quiet/relaxing music on your stereo.